Regulating Schools, Hospitals etc.

by ukcivilservant

I have published a new web page focusing on the regulation of the UK public sector.

The public sector is – quite rightly – very highly regulated. But this regulation comes with great cost and may often have gone too far, or have been badly designed.

This problem was recognised by the Cabinet Office in the late 1990s when its Regulatory Impact Unit, working closely with other departments, began to publish a good deal of useful guidance and other material.

Baroness O’Neill then drew attention to the pervasive tendency of government to allow holding to account to morph into managing from afar. Managers of many hospitals, schools etc. had begun to focus almost exclusively on meeting targets as distinct from providing excellent and locally appropriate health care and education.

She also stressed that, in this area as well as others, there is a crucial difference between releasing information and informing the public. The wholesale release of vast amounts of data does not of itself inform anyone.

Follow this link to read the web page … Understanding Regulation: The Public Sector

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Martin Stanley

Editor, Understanding Regulation